How can I use professional content in my own home movies and other personal recordings

Guidelines for use of protected content
in home movies

The following guidelines can be used to ensure that Blu-ray Disc players will not use Cinavia technology to limit the playback and copying of your home movies or other personal recordings that include some professionally produced content (including the audio tracks of professionally produced movies or television shows):

  1. Each use of the professionally produced content of up to 10 minutes must be separated from other uses of professionally produced content by at least 10 minutes of video.
  2. The professionally produced content must not be used on a repeated or ongoing basis for any period of time longer than 10 minutes.

The above guidelines apply both to the use of professionally produced content in individual recordings as well as to the sequential playback or copying of these recordings by Blu-ray Disc players. In order to avoid having successive playback or copying of these videos interrupted, you should play 10 minutes of video from another optical disc that does not include any unauthorized usage of professionally produced content between each use.

For these guidelines to apply, the professionally produced content must be video that was originally distributed directly to consumers for use in their in-home or mobile devices. If the content was intended for duplication and use on professional equipment only (such as theatrical, airline, or hotel “on-demand” services), then these guidelines do not apply and use of this content in home movies and other personal recordings is never permitted.