what is cinavia technology and what does it do?
Cinavia technology may limit unauthorized uses of some movies
and other filmed entertainment in Blu-ray Disc players.
What does Cinavia technology do?

Some releases of movies, television shows and other professionally produced video (such as those shown in movie theaters, on commercial airliners, and in hotels’ “on-demand” movie services) are intended for duplication and playback on professional equipment only.

Other releases (such as most Blu-ray Disc, DVD, and authorized downloads over the Internet) are meant for use on consumers’ in-home and mobile devices, but are not meant for copying by consumers, or are only permitted to be copied in limited ways (for example, to a limited number of computers, recordable discs, or devices).

Cinavia technology is used in Blu-ray Disc players to identify and limit the use of copies of these movies, television shows, and other professionally produced videos that have been made without the permission of the copyright owner.

How does Cinavia technology work?

Movies protected by Cinavia technology carry inaudible codes embedded by the copyright owner in their audio tracks that indicate where and how they are allowed to be used.

For example, movies that are being released to theaters can carry a Cinavia code that indicates that they are supposed to be duplicated by professional replicators and played back on professional projection equipment only.

Movies that are released on Blu-ray Disc, DVD, or by authorized download services, can carry a different Cinavia code, indicating that these movies are intended for use by consumers, but with limitations regarding whether or how they can be copied.

The Cinavia codes are designed to stay in the audio tracks wherever they appear, including after they are copied, converted to different formats, or captured by a camcorder.

Blu-ray Disc players read Cinavia codes from the audio track of video that they are playing or copying and may limit the use of the video when certain unauthorized uses are identified. Playback or copying of unauthorized copies may be stopped or audio may be muted, depending on which Cinavia code is found and what operation is being performed. This may include limiting the unauthorized use of the audio tracks that accompany professionally produced videos in home movies and other personal recordings. Whenever the use of content is limited due to a Cinavia code, an explanatory message is provided on the video screen or on the front panel of the Blu-ray Disc player.